6 January 2008

2007…“Those Were The Best Days Of My Life!”

After spending one year in Japan, I have discovered many different things about myself, different cultures, Japanese people and the country itself. From now on, whenever I think of Japan, I know it will always bring a smile to my face because of all the adventures and wonderful memories I have. So thank you, Japan, for making 2007 the best year of my whole entire life and thank you to all the people I met along the way. It was the people who made the place so special to me. I will never forget the year of 2007. The people, the places, the culture, the country, the experience was one in a million. I LOVE JAPAN!!!

Tiger Bar

Me and Shinya


Beer Garden

Tina's Hawaiian Party


日本 ありがとうございました!


Tinz said...

It sure was a fantastic year - so many adventures and wonderful memories. I am glad that we got to go there together!! :-)

Shin-chan said...

I had the best time with you and your friends in 2007 too! I will never forget that!! I hope I can see everyone again in the near future..

Lauren said...

I love Japan and it was the best year of my life too! I had an amazing experience and made so many wonderful friends- you included!

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