4 January 2008

日本語 (Nihongo)

In case you were wondering, “Nihongo” means Japanese. This entry marks the end of my Nihongo lessons at the Egret Centre in Himeji City. It is a very sad time for me because every week I would really look forward to going to my lessons and learning a new grammar point or learning new words. I was probably the biggest square out of everyone in the entire class because I studied diligently and with great enthusiasm everyday in my spare time at school and I really loved it when the teacher would ask me a question in class! Tina and Lauren always made fun of me because they thought I was a nerd in the class, but I didn’t care because I loved it! So now I feel a little sad because I won’t be going to these classes anymore which were a huge help to my Japanese study throughout the year. Without these classes, I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as I did. I just wish I were able to continue them.

I took a photo of our Japanese class which consisted of me, Tina, Lauren, Steve H. and Taube. There were a few others which were apart of our class, but we were the most regular students. Also in the photo is our lovely sensei. Her name is Syuto Sensei. She was such a great teacher and always so patient and funny. She always made the lessons fun for us and I will never forget her!


Tinz said...

You were the BIGGEST nerd ever!! Such a square bear!!!! The teacher was cute as.... I still wish I could redo B class.

Lauren said...

Yes you were the biggest nerd! But this year I am planning to be like you as I want to learn more!!