4 January 2008

Thanks Giving Dinner

As an Australian, I have never experienced or celebrated Thanks Giving as it is an American custom.
However this year, at one of our favourite local restaurants called Blue Plate, they organised the BEST Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had! I haven’t eaten roast turkey for an entire year, but this roast turkey was really something! It was so delicious, and all the other food that went along with it was also equally delicious. I ate so much that night that I probably didn’t have to eat anything for a whole week! The food was great, the company was great and it was a really fun night overall. I had been looking forward to this dinner since we had booked it and it was everything I had expected plus more!

My Thanksgiving plate:

Thanksgiving turkey:


Tinz said...

That was the yummiest dinner we ate in a long time...

Lauren said...

that turkey was really something! What a great holiday to have!