5 January 2008

Farewell Party…Goodbye us ☹

Tina, Steve, Lauren and I decided to have a small farewell dinner with the close friends we made whilst living in Japan. Firstly, we went out for dinner at the Blue Plate restaurant in the Miyuki Dori. This is equivalent to Rundle Mall in Adelaide. We loved going to this restaurant because for about $16, you could get a salad, soup, bread rolls, main, dessert and a coffee. It was good value for money and the service was really good and the food was really tasty. So this was our very last time eating at one of our favourite restaurants, Blue Plate.

After dinner, we went out for some karaoke because that is just what you do in Japan! It was lots of fun and we sang our little hearts out! This is Tina and I at the karaoke bar.

This is me, Lauren, Tina, Kyosuke and Makoto enjoying karaoke.

This is us doing the jazz hands!

Lauren, Hiromi, Fumiyo, Yoko, Tina, me and Shinya all feeling a little sentimental towards the end of karaoke.

Hiromi and Fumiyo gave us a little present each which was really nice of them. We were really sad to leave the karaoke bar after that because we knew that it would be the last time for a while before we could see them again. They were really good value and were always happy and cheerful when we saw them. I hope that we can always stay in touch with those girls because they were worth their weight in gold!

Shinya and I at the Tiger Bar.


Tinz said...

I had such a good night at Karaoke. It was a good one to end off on!!

Shin-chan said...

I missed the beginning because I wasn on Shinkansen however I enjoyed very much that night. I love seeing beautiful Australian sisters singing and dancing in Karaoke.. haha

Lauren said...

I had a lot of fun that night - what a great ending to a great great year!