4 January 2008

Okayama Bike Hike

For the long weekend just been, instead of going away, we thought we would do some day trips to various places we haven’t yet been to, so we hired a car and went to the most amazing places!

The first place we went to was the countryside of Okayama to do a bike hike. There are some bikes that you can hire and there is a special bike path that you can follow which takes you to various temples and shrines. It was perfect weather for a bike hike as the sun was up and the skies were blue. We had a great day riding around and stopped for lunch at a five-story pagoda which was surrounded by momiji (red Autumn leaves). It was just beautiful. We had a little picnic on the grass with our ham sandwiches and Tim Tams and took many photos of the pagoda and the momiji. It was really relaxing.

This is what the countryside looked like while we were riding on our bikes.

This is Lauren and I standing in front of the pagoda.

Shinya and I posing in front of the momiji.

Steve, Tina and I enjoying the momiji.

These are some of the things we rode past on our bike hike:

A cute little cottage house in the countryside.

Gravestones, berries and a beautiful yellow-leaf tree.

This was the entrance to one of the temples we visited.

…and of course, the best thing about Autumn…Momiji!


Tinz said...

Biking around is soooo much fun especially when there is an amazing view to look at all the time!

Lauren said...

I love Autumn and this ride gave us such a good view of it! I love riding!