5 January 2008


This is another traditional Japanese village that has been here for many years. There are many Japanese restaurants and souvenir shops to look at.

This is the traditional Japanese restaurant that we went into for lunch. I ate some really nice Japanese food there which consisted of forest vegetables and it was so tasty and really healthy too! I also had miso mochi which is sticky rice with a miso flavour on the top. That became my new favourite food that day!

This is the traditional village street in Tsumago. It was lined with all the beautiful and traditional Japanese style houses.

The funniest part of the day was when we stumbled across this sign that said “bus porking”. I’m pretty sure they meant to say “bus parking”, but got it slightly wrong! It was pretty funny to see though!


Shin-chan said...

I tried to find yummy pork but I couldn't find it then.. haha! The Soba restaurant was so(heaps) good!!

Tinz said...

More crazy english - it's so funny!

Lauren said...

You have to love Engrish!