4 January 2008

The Sand Dunes of Tottori

On one of the days during our long weekend, we visited a place called Tottori which is north of Himeji. Tottori is famous for its sand dunes and I can see why so many people go to look at them. They were just amazing and I have never seen a beach with sand dunes like this before.

This is Steve, Tina, Lauren and I about to face the challenge of going up the sand dunes – they were really, REALLY steep!

Why not take up the opportunity of going parachuting off of the peak of the sand dunes? This is what some of the people were doing while we were here.

This is me, Shinya and Tina about to climb the steepest section of the sand dunes.

It was pretty hard, but worth the challenge! Besides, I needed the exercise!

This is Tottori’s beautiful beach.

Apparently it is a really good place to go swimming in the summer time, but this time of year, it is a little too cold to go swimming. Although, in hindsight, we probably could have gone because it was quite a nice, sunny day and the water wasn’t really that cold.

The best part of the sand dunes, was running down them.

It was like running down a really steep, grassy hill, except the surface was sand so when you ran down it, your feet would sink into the sand with every step you took. Tina and Shinya ran down the hill with no problems, but I was a little more hesitant and worried about my knees. As a result, I ended up running down the hill like a girl, in fact, I was prancing more than running, but it was fun all the same!


Tinz said...

You were the biggest dork running down that hill....

Lauren said...

Hmm glad we have a video to prove how well you ran down that hill! Tottori was amazing though!