5 January 2008

Final Aerobics Showcase

It is so sad that everything is coming to an end here in Japan.

This entry marks the end of our aerobics classes in Himeji, Japan. This night was our last night for Tina and I to take aerobics classes for the local community in Shinzaike. We made the most of it though because I tried my very best in the last one. Everyone else in the class also worked their hardest this time round too. This is everyone who attended the final aerobics class for the year. There were around thirty people who showed up which was pretty impressive. As each week passed, more and more people started coming to the classes and in the end, there were so many and it became really successful!

At the end of the session, the locals at Shinzaike were kind enough to put on a bit of a spread for us so we got to eat cake and chocolate after the class. One of the ladies even made us a special cake with Tina’s and my name on it which we ate that night after dinner and it was DELICIOUS!

This is one of the little girls who used to enjoy coming to the classes. She would participate in the entire class without taking a rest and she absolutely loved it! Her mum even told us that she would always look forward to coming to the classes and she always asked her mum if it was aerobics day that day.

This is another little girl who started coming to classes towards the end and she was also really good at the classes. It was so cute to watch them do all the moves with everyone else in the class too!

After the spread at the community centre, Lauren was nice enough to put on a yummy curry dinner for a few of us regulars. From the back, this is Tina, Steve N., Richard, Thomas, Steve H., me, Lauren, Kyosuke and Makoto. I would just like to say thank you to all the people who supported our classes because without everyone’s support, it wouldn’t have been as successful.


Shin-chan said...

Well done! That was great you taught aerobics for local people here in Japan. I think they all were happy to have your lesson! It reminded me when I was teaching tennis for Spanish and English kids in Barcelona..

Tinz said...

It was good fun running those aerobics sessions - it's good that the Japanese community enjoyed it so much.

Lauren said...

You girls are great- i loved going to aerobics!