5 January 2008


This is Magome. I went there with Shinya and we visited the little traditional Japanese village that was in the town. It was so cool walking along the road and seeing all the omiyage shops (souvenir shops). I bought some chopsticks and chopstick holders from there because I really wanted some nice ones.

Magome is in the country-side of Japan and it has a great view of the snow-topped mountains in the distance.

This is the Ona-taki. It means woman waterfall. There are two waterfalls here. One is called Ona-taki (woman waterfall) and the other is called Otoko-taki (man waterfall).
It was really pretty to just walk down and admire the beautiful surroundings.


Shin-chan said...

That small town was pretty and we were lucky coz it wasn't busy then. I didn't know that my family took me there for a long time ago then. I don't remember anything. My father told me that just recently.However I will never forget about this trip! hehe

Tinz said...

The waterfall looks nice.

Lauren said...

Omiyage is great! Glad you got some nice chopsticks in the end - i am still in search of some!