5 January 2008

Nagashima Spaland

I went to visit Nagashima Spaland which is a really popular amusement park in Japan. It has the highest roller-coaster in Japan called the Steel Rider along with many other exciting and scary rides. These are just a few of them:

This is the Top Spin. Christina and I went on this ride and had a ball, but towards the end, I was getting a bit sick of being spun around so much. It was a fun ride, but I wouldn’t go on it again after eating lunch!

The Bob Kart ride was also a good ride that fits two people and the person sitting in the back can control the speed of the bob kart. It was lots of fun riding around the course.

This is the Steel Rider I was telling you about. The Steel Rider was my favourite ride for the day. It went so high in the sky and went really fast on its way down too. I wanted to go on this one again, but when we went back there, it was closed as the weather was too windy for it to be in operation. At least I got to go on it once!

The Cyclone is another ride that looks really impressive. It is a really long roller coaster ride, but it was a bit scary because it was so bumpy and it almost felt like it was going to go off the rails. Thank goodness, the ride ended before any real damage was done! Phew!

So as you can see, there were many cool rides to go on in Nagashima Spaland and I really enjoyed my time there.


Shin-chan said...

I'm sure I wouldn't have tried these roller coasters if you haven't been there. Did you know the nomal speed of Steel Dragon? It's 153km/h.. I couldn't belive when you were laughing on it and wanted try one more time! haha

Tinz said...

Those rides looked awesome! I wish I could have gone too. I think I would have enjoyed them a lot!!

Lauren said...

You guys are CRAZY!! I could never go on these rides!