5 January 2008

Sapporo Beer Museum

On our last day in Sapporo, we went to the Sapporo Beer Museum which was really interesting. It was a really nice-looking building – especially because it was in the snow.

I found the advertisements interesting to look at because there was a display of every Sapporo Beer advertisement in history. It reminded me of the old Coke advertisements.

This is one of the newer ads of a good-looking Japanese guy advertising the beer.

This is one of the older ads of a young girl advertising the beer.

We got to have a drink at the bar which cost us 100 yen each ($1) so it definitely didn’t break our budget! I had mikan juice (mandarine juice) and Tina and Lauren tried some of the beer. We even got some free snacks to go with our drinks!

This is us doing a kampai (cheers) with our drinks.


Tinz said...

Mmmmm beer!! It actually tasted really nice.

Shin-chan said...

I thought everyone who come to Sapporo beer factory would drink beer. I wonder why there was an orange juice in your photo!!

Lauren said...

This was good beer! And the guy wasn't too bad either!