5 January 2008

Koda Kumi Concert

On the weekend, Tina, Lauren, Steve, Shinya and I all went to the Koda Kumi concert which was held at the Tokyo Dome.

It was a great concert and Koda Kumi was just amazing. She was so beautiful and such a great singer and the actual performance was really entertaining. I had a great time at the concert watching the dancing and listening to the singing. I am so glad that we were able to get tickets to the concert. It was good to be able to experience a concert in Japan.

Just before the concert, Tina, Shinya and I decided to go on this really BIG roller coaster.

The fastest speed goes 130km/hr. Pretty fast, huh? Well it was heaps of fun going on that roller coaster and I got a really good rush from it. The funniest part was seeing all the girls dressed up in their high heeled shoes and short skirts with caked on make up just to ride on the roller coaster! It was very interesting!

We decided to buy Koda Kumi t-shirts to wear during the concert too.

I am really glad I bought one because the t-shirts looked really cool and I felt like I was apart of it all. I think we were the only foreigners at the concert that night, which was also pretty funny!


Shi-chan said...

It was really fun to see Koda Kumi's concert. However, she wasn't beautiful as 3 of you that night!
The only one thing I couldn't understand was that you and Tina were laughing very much on the most scary roller coaster. I though you both had never felt any fear before because I was almost died then...

Tinz said...

This concert was the best concert I have seen. She was amazing and I am so glad that Steve made us go. I also LOVED the roller coaster. It was so fast and scary but it was awesome.

Lauren said...

Koda Kumi was great! You guys are crazy for going on that roller coaster - I think Steve and I had the best spot!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! OMG ur sooo lucky!!! ^____^ i wish i could of seen her. I'm from the US and am english :) i hope i get a chance to see her <33