5 January 2008


Nagoya is a really big city in Japan. It is not far from Himeji, so it is pretty accessible to get there by shinkansen (bullet train). There were lots of things to do in Nagoya city such as taking photos of all the massive buildings:

Going to a Noh production (Noh is traditional Japanese theatre). When I went there, the actors were amateur so it was free to enter. It was a good experience nevertheless, to go and watch a Noh production.

This temple is really special in Nagoya.

It is called the Osu Kannon Temple and it holds hundreds of golden kannon figures standing approximately 50 centimetres tall. There are also statues of Gods amongst them which represent all the different years of birth. I was really excited to go to this temple because I wanted to see all the beautiful kannons.

This is the God that represents my year of birth.

I visited the Atsuta Jinja Shrine which is one of the three most famous and well-known shrines in Japan. Apparently, there is a special hidden sword within the grounds of this shrine and the actual whereabouts of the sword is unknown. I looked, but I couldn’t find it either! While we were in the shrine, we saw a wedding which was pretty interesting. I like watching Japanese traditional weddings because I like their outfits.

Later that night, we were all starving, so we decided to go to a restaurant called “The Outback”, but it was so popular and so busy that we had to wait for two hours just to get a seat! We were pretty agitated by that stage, but when we finally got our meal, we were impressed. I ordered a huge plate of ribs that filled my tummy completely.

After our meal, the staff asked if I was leaving the country soon and it just so happened that I was.

So, they gave us free icecream with yummy chocolate topping and they gave everyone at our table a tambourine and the whole restaurant sang a farewell song to me! It was the most bizarre experience I have ever had in a restaurant, but it was fun, anyway. So all in all, it was worth the wait!

After dinner, we went and saw the Christmas lights at Nagoya Station. They were so pretty and there were so many families and friends there all doing the same thing as us: taking photos of each other! It was a really nice way to end the night.


Shin-chan said...

We had to wait so long time outside of restaurant but meal was really yummy and I enjoyed it very much. We should go there again when you come back!

Tinz said...

Looks like you saw some pretty cool things in Nagoya. Those statues of all the birth years looked cool. And you got free ice cream - how good is that?? Was it a snuff puff??

Lauren said...

Nagoya looks really nice - I like the lights and the temple looks cool too!