5 January 2008

The Heaps Good Showcase

In our building, one of the new Americans who came in August was called Katie. Katie is a really good jazz dancer and she enjoys choreographing, and Tina and I enjoy dancing, so it was a good combination. Two or three times a week, Katie would teach us more and more of this dance that she had choreographed and after about five weeks, we had the dance down pat and ready to perform. We organised for everyone in the res (our building) to come and watch the “Heaps Good Showcase” which is now on Utube if anybody wants to watch it. We were really impressed with all the people who actually made the effort to come and watch us dance and we ended up doing the routine three times! We were absolutely exhausted by the end of it! It was a good experience to be taught a dance and to perform it in front of people and I hope that one day, I will have the opportunity of going to dance classes and doing some more of that kind of thing. If anything, it really gets your fitness going!

After the dance showcase, we went out to dinner at one of the restaurants that became our local called Café Muche. It is known for its ginormous meals and one meal could probably feed about four people if it was put into descent serves! It was good for us though because we were so hungry after having burnt off all that energy so that was exactly what we needed!

We then moved onto the pub where Avvy bought us some cowboy shots to celebrate our dance show and to farewell us. It was a good night and we were really proud of ourselves for performing the dance in front of our friends.


Tinz said...

I had a great night - dancing is sooo much fun. Getting that routine finished was a huge achievement!!

Shin-chan said...

You did really well and I think everyone was impressed about Heaps Good Showcase peformance! I'm sure people who watch Youtube will be impressed too..

Lauren said...

It was heaps good!