5 January 2008

Nabe at Makoto’s

Makoto invited a group of people from our apartment building to have nabe for dinner at his place the other night, which we gratefully accepted. I had never tried nabe before, so it was an interesting experience. Nabe is similar to sukiyaki, but has a slightly different taste. It was delicious all the same, though and very filling!

Makoto says that he never cooks for people, but he proved himself that night with his excellent cooking skills that I was very impressed with! It was a fun night all in all, with delicious food and good company!


Shin-chan said...

Im so gealous! I wish I have been there! By the way, who was Nabe-Bugyo?

Tinz said...

That night was really good until the end....when you almost shat yourself hehehehe

Lauren said...

Nabe is such a good dinner party dish - I love sharing food with such good company!