5 January 2008

Yoyogi Koen

The next day after the Koda Kumi concert, Tina, Lauren, Shinya and I went to Yoyogi Koen. It was a great day to go because the weather was really good and everyone was at the park doing their own thing. The park was full of people having picnics, playing dodge ball, juggling, riding their BMX’s, dancing, playing music, running, playing with their light sabers and all sorts of things! It was really good to watch everybody having fun doing something they enjoy and I like the idea of having such a well-utilised park where everyone can be active and keep fit. If I lived in Tokyo, I would go to Yoyogi Koen every weekend!

This is me and Shinya hanging from the momiji tree.

Tina and I hanging from the momiji tree.

The juggling guys.

As we were leaving, we also saw a group of people who looked like they had just come out of the movie ‘Grease’ with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John!

I have seen them before when I went to Yoyogi Koen another time, so I think they regularly come to this park. They are so funny because they all have really big hair and huge tattoos all over their backs and they crank the old 60’s tunes and start dancing and playing their air guitars! They also have a Chevrolet which they park beside them which is bright pink! It was really interesting to watch them get into their dancing and there was a huge crowd of people surrounding them (both foreigners and Japanese people) all wanting to see and take pictures of them. I think that they like to pose fo the photos, too! They were really fun to watch!


Shin-chan said...

Yoyogi park was nice! I never expected that before coming there. The middle age guys were really funny! I want to learn their dancing some day!!

Tinz said...

I love this park too - I have been there heaps of times and every time is busy. Such a well used park.

Lauren said...

Yoyogi koen is such a cool place - I love those guys tattoos!