5 January 2008

Last Day at Shirahama

Today marks the final day at my other elementary school. I really enjoyed going to this school because the kids were always so ‘genki’ (cheerful and happy) and they were always excited to see me and learn English. I had lots of fun teaching these kids and I will miss them a lot.

I also really like the teachers at this school too. They were really welcoming to me and always made the effort to talk to me and get to know me better. This is me with two of the teachers at the school. When I finished my lessons for the day, I sat there with them for a couple of hours talking about the things I have done in Japan and showing them my photos. It was a really nice way to end the day.

Also, one of the classes had prepared a huge present for me to take home. Each student made lots of origami and put it in a big box and a big bag. A couple of other students also made me a poster with little kinoko (mushrooms) on it made of origami which I will frame and stick on my wall as a reminder of the fun times I had at that school.


Tinz said...

They always give nice little gifts hey??

Lauren said...

The kids are amazing at origami - you are lucky to get such good gifts from them!