5 January 2008


Just over ten years ago, there was a terrible Earthquake in Kobe which ruined the entire city, killed many people and left the rest homeless as their houses and properties were destroyed. It was a big mess to clean up, but Kobe was up and running again soon after. As a celebration of the rebuilding of the city after the earthquake, once a year, the people of Kobe put on a display of lights called Luminarie. This light display is just magnificent and has a whole heap of beautiful colours and looks outstanding. Thousands of people go to this light display every year around Christmas time to see the beautiful lights.

This is just so that I have proof of actually being there!

After walking through this huge tunnel of lights, you get to a mass of lights that are in the shape of a castle. It is so beautiful.

This is Lauren, Steve, me, Tina, Richard and Yoko posing in front of the castle lights.


Tinz said...

These lights were very impressive! Luckily we got to see them!

Lauren said...

I loved these lights, so beautiful!