5 January 2008

My Last Day at the Elementary School

All up, I had three elementary schools to teach at which were rotated once a week. I loved all of my elementary schools, but the teachers at this particular elementary school made me feel really welcome and special. One of the Grade Five teachers got her kids to make me 1000 paper cranes and they joined them all together so it looked like a colourful bunch of perfectly folded paper. It was so cool. They also gave me heaps of origami and little messages and letters. I will never forget how cute those kids are!

After my classes, the principal and I had a big chat in her office for about two hours about all the places I have been to. Then she gave me a present which was a shyuji set (Japanese calligraphy set) so that I could practise my shyuji. It was a really good present because I really enjoy doing calligraphy as I used to do it in Australia too. I also really like the look of Chinese characters (kanji) so it will be good for when I want to practise it in Australia. She gave me a bit of a lesson and I practised writing things like Himeji and Love in kanji.

These are some of the teachers I worked with at this school.


Tinz said...

You are lucky to get those 1000 paper cranes.

Lauren said...

wow - i want 1000 paper cranes too!