6 January 2008

The Last Supper

This was our very last dinner together in Japan. It was a very sad occasion, however we were able to have our final dinner in our favourite restaurant (The Okonomiyaki Restaurant by Himeji Station) in good company. I chose to eat okonomiyaki with mochi, cheese, pork and bacon and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! I will never forget how good that tasted and when I go back to Himeji, I will make sure I go to that restaurant and eat my favourite thing! It was a really nice way to end our year in Japan and we were able to reminisce on all the good times we have had (and just about everyday there was a new adventure or story to tell!).

Tina, Steve, Richard and Makoto getting ready for their yummy meal.

Lauren and Kyosuke…かんぱい!

Me and Shinya…かんぱい!


Tinz said...

What a good dinner to end off with!!

Shin-chan said...

That was funny because I used live near Himeji over 20 years and I didn't know that Okonomiyaki restaurant. Then you took me there and it was soooo delicious! I never expected that!! Thanks for taking me there!!

Lauren said...

I love that place and what a great night it was - and we topped it off with a Christmas poo!