5 January 2008


This was such a beautiful spot to see. There was a huge lake and we went at just the right time of day when the sun was just beginning to go down. What a beautiful view, don’t you think?

Just a little bit further down the path, was a big, red bridge that crossed the lake and it looked so cool that we just had to take a photo of it.

This time of year was just when all the Autumn leaves had fallen off the trees, so there were so many dead leaves on the ground. We had fun throwing them up in the air and letting them fall down back to the ground again. It also made for a good photo!


Shin-chan said...

It was very quite and so beautiful. Did you know I found that place by accident.. I didn't know how to go but I just found it. I like the last photo!!

Tinz said...

Looks like fun!

Lauren said...

I love that photo, its really cool!