5 January 2008

Ski Trip

We allocated two days to go skiing in Hokkaido. One of the days we went to a place called Kiroro and the other day we went to Rusutsu. It was really interesting because I hadn’t skied for a long time – not since I was about six or seven years old, so it was like starting all over again. I had a good outfit for skiing which covered every inch of my body, so I knew that being cold wouldn’t be an issue!

It was the most beautiful scenery seeing all the trees covered in snow and the roof tops of all the buildings also covered. As it is not the sort of thing that we get to see often here in Australia, I could appreciate the scenery a lot.

This is one of the ski slopes that we went down.

A cute little wooden log cottage in amongst the ski fields.

At the end of our skiing stint at Kiroro, Tina suggested that we make a snow man. It was pretty hard to do because the snow was so soft, that it was hard to make it stick together and mould into a shape. We did a pretty good job though in the end of creating a cute little snow man!

I must admit, my skiing skills were not even close to being anything more than a novice! I was so scared on those slopes and the ski slopes that were marked as being beginner slopes, felt like they should have been suited more to an advanced level! This is me looking like I actually knew what I was doing, but don't be fooled!!!

There was one particular slope that I went on with Tina which took AGES to get there by chairlift. It felt like we were in that chairlift for about fifteen minutes before we actually got to the top, so you could imagine how long and scary this course would have been! Well I was almost about to poo my pants when I saw how steep the slopes looked from my angle and I was so scared that I was going to lose control and end up going full pelt down this mountain! So I decided to take it easy and go as slow as possible. Well if I went any slower I would have been going backwards because I think I was going at a pace of about 2km/hr – no exaggeration!

So Tina was getting a little impatient by this stage waiting at the bottom of the slope for me that she rang Steve up and was giving him an up-to-date running commentary of what I was doing on that mountain! She even started taking photos of how ridiculous I looked! I started off trying to ski down and then I just got so scared that I stopped all together and didn’t know what to do. I was stuck! Tina suggested that I take off my skis and walk down, so I took them off and then was too scared to get up again, so I decided to lay down in the snow for about ten minutes thinking that I was going to die on the mountain and that was the end of my life!

Then I decided to bite the bullet and actually attempt going down, so I slowly slid down the rest of the mountain on my bottom, with my skis in each hand! I lost my dignity that day, but I still had my body in tact, so I was happy about that! It made for a good story to tell, if anything! Hehe


Tinz said...

Skiing is so much fun but watching you trying to come down that mountain was hysterical. You were out of control lady!!

Shin-chan said...

I really wanted to go skiing or snowboarding with you. I can't imagine when you do skiing. Ohhh, maybe I could imagine that after reading Tina's comment! hehe!!

Lauren said...

How funny! I think I was worse at skiing though!